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Founded by Alberto Casse in 1998, Olimpionica ski school includes in its organic ski instructors, snowboard and telemark instructors with various specializations such as teaching the child in the new school and in free-ride. Several are also specialized federal coaches and there is a national snowboard instructor the school.

Thanks to these skills the Olimpionica ski school is able to meet the needs of each skier, from beginners to competitive skiers. To bring out the natural qualities of an individual , to become aware of it and to begin a journey that will lead him to listen to himself and the environment around him are our school priorities.

The instructors of Olimpionica ski school have deep knowledge of the environment, and linked to the skiing tradition of the Olympic valleys.

Their goal is to transmit the skiing technique and passion along the Via Lattea slopes in a unique environment full of potential. The instructors speak English, French and most of them also speak Russian.






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