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If you have chosen tolerant snowboarding then you have chosen to express all your creativity in a sport without limits. Bring with you the desire to start a journey towards the most beautiful and intense sensations you can try on and off-piste. Snowboarding stimulates anyone: from children to the older students and does not preclude anyone from learning. Learning this sport means entering a fascinating and stimulating word, where every little achievement will increase your motivation to become better and better.


Dedicated to the beginners who want to star on the right foot. Sestriere offers one of the most efficient schools around, dedicated to the initiative in safety. You also can choose an instructor all for your self or join a group.



The way to express yourself and increase your skills, both on jumps and jibbing. In addition to having slopes and off-piste suitable for any level, the Via Lattea has, in the heart of Sestriere, a snowpark with in-line facilities served by 2 ski lifts. The lessons are designed to make you safe in both small and big jumps. Freestyle is also dedicated for beginners. Who will find the freestyle a fun way to learn technique and safety. Even for freestyle you can decide to chose an instructor all for your self or join a group.



The mountain seen from another prospective with open minds to new itineraries that will lead you to feel the value of being free. Doing freeride means searching for your own identity as a snowboarder from your inner side. Finding alternative tracks that become unique playgrounds, where emotions give a sense od adventure while snowboarding down the hill. Whatever your level, we are able to take you on tracks assisted by the lifts, off-piste, where only split-board arrives, uncontaminated woods up to Pragelato, and elisi on the peaks above 3000 meters. Sestriere is the base for freeride and the beginning for discovering the Via Lattea up to France. lessons are studied for each person and for any request.


Eliski touring with an alpine guide. Split day with spit-board rental. Touring the Olympic mountains.


The courses start with the split-boards. Touring itineraries for the Via Lattea to discover new scenarios thanks to the simple use of the split-board, you can get where normal boards donít arrive. Far those who donít have a split-board, no problem, you can rent the best equipment in our Sestriere retal-shop.




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