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The mountain environment offers a perfect scenario to carry out this practice in harmony with body and nature. Our area has several itineraries dedicated to snowshoeing, Olimpionica ski school has in its staff a Nordic walking instructor who will transmit the secrets of this particular and beneficial practice.

Basically, the body works harder but the fatigue is felt less: the use of poles distributes the load of the whole body and reduces the fatigue feeling, helping us to keep fit in nature.

We organize trips in the Olympic valleys for all levels.

Even those who donít ski can experience and enjoy the views that our mountains offer in winter time.

With the snowshoes activities you can chose to spend a whole day, immersed in nature and silence practicing a physical activity suitable for everyone. We also organize night trips to reach chalets where you can taste the local gastronomic specialities.

All groups will be accompanied by expert territory instructors.



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