Founded in 1998 by Alberto Speakers Olympic ski school includes in its staff ski, snowboard and telemark with different specialties such as teaching the child in the new-school and free-ride. Many are also qualified coaches and is also a Federal National Snowboard Instructor. And it is these skills that you can be able to meet the needs of everyone from novice up to the agonist. Bringing out the natural qualities of an individual consapevolizzarlo and so begin a journey that will lead him to listen to himself and the environment that surrounds it, are the priorities of the school. The masters of the Olympic ski school are intimately familiar territory, as well as linked to the tradition of the Olympic Valleys ski area and their goal is to convey the technique and the passion skiing down the slopes of the Milky Way in a unique and full of potential.
The opening of the ski lifts for "milky Way" 'is scheduled for 22/12/2016